Email Archiving - compliance, transparency and control

Business emails are subject to the same legal requirements as traditional letters. They must be stored for a particular period of time, and kept available so that auditors can access the emails at any time.

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Data protection

Data protection

In the event that a private email is inadvertently archived, this email can be flagged as such. Messages that are marked as private in this way will remain in the archive, but will no longer be viewable. This protects user privacy with regard to private emails while preserving the integrity of the archive. In addition, all archived emails are stored in encrypted databases at certified and secure data centers.

archiving obligations

Compliance with archiving obligations

According to German laws on the accessibility of electronic bookkeeping systems to tax authorities, electronic business correspondence must also have electronic backups. Using Aeternum allows companies to comply with these requirements, and to adjust the archive period for particular mailboxes, users or groups depending on stipulations.


Adjustable user- and group-based archiving policies

Alternative archive settings can be applied on a user or group level in order to meet legal requirements. For example, applications are subject to different storage periods than invoices or contractual content. Individual mailboxes or groups can also be completely excluded from archiving; examples of where this may be necessary include data protection officers or works councils.

Dual control audit access

Dual control audit access

Email archives must be able to be made accessible at any time for audit purposes. Aeternum includes an audit access option that allows auditors to be given enhanced reading permissions for the archived emails in a particular domain. This can be set up by IT administrators. After the audit is complete, administrators receive an audit log showing which data has been viewed.


Audit log/audit trail

All access to the email archive is fully logged, particularly any changes made to the settings (e.g. storage periods). The log contents include user login names and IP addresses, and cannot be edited or deleted. Logs can be viewed by administrators at any time.

No access

No access to content for administrators

To prevent the misuse of individual users’ archived email data, administrators have no access to archived user emails. They can view the metadata, but not the content.

Delegation rules

Delegation rules

Users can grant another user access to their own email archive. This may be useful, for example, when an employee is absent or leaves the company.

Archived data exportable at any time

Archived data exportable at any time

Email archives can be exported without difficult at any time. Customers can either carry this out themselves, or have Hornetsecurity perform the export for a fixed price.


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