Protection against targeted attacks

Targeted attacks on a company are often difficult to detect and the costs for a business can run into millions if they cause damage. With ATP, you are protected from an early stage, allowing you to eliminate any attacks as they arise.

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Hornetsecurity Advanced Threat Protection provides protection against so-called targeted attacks with six engines.

What is a targeted attack?

An attack is regarded as “targeted” when the following criteria are fulfilled:


  1. The attackers have a very specific objective, the achievement of which requires a great deal of effort, time and resources.
  2. The objective of the attack is to steal information from company servers by infiltrating the network.
  3. The attackers have identified the objective precisely, planned the attacks over a long period and concealed them so well that they cannot be detected in traditional ways. Theft of customer data, for example, often goes unnoticed until years later.

Hornetsecurity ATP provides you with effective security using targeted fraud forensics

The engines are used to prevent personalized attacks on employees in a company. E-mails are analyzed for specific patterns of content that point to malicious intent. They include, for example, demands for payment and requests for the release of data.


The following detection mechanisms are used by Hornetsecurity ATP:


Fraud attempt analysis

Checks the authenticity and integrity of metadata and e-mail content.


Identity spooning recognition

Detection and blocking of forged sender identities.


Intention recognition system

Alerts are triggered in response to specific patterns of content that point to malicious intent.


Spy-out detection

Defense against attacks involving spying to obtain sensitive information.


Feign facts identification

Analysis of content independently of identity to identify messages that are intended to prompt the recipient to take certain action by feigning facts.


Targeted attack detection

Detection of targeted attacks on specific individuals who are particularly at risk.

Tips for identifying fraudulent e-mails

Although attacks are usually difficult to detect, there are a few things to watch out for. Phishing links are often concealed as abbreviated URLs. Check carefully that the sender is really someone you know or one of your business partners, or if the e-mail address is just similar to that of the real person. Caution should also be exercised when you read statements that suggest urgency, such as “Your account has been blocked” or “Check your invoice”. It is safest never to click on links attached to messages of this sort.

Raising employees’ awareness

Train your employees about the types of fraud described so that they are careful about the kind of information they make public about the company and where they do so. Clear absence regulations and internal control mechanisms help to identify fraudulent e-mails. Through internal seminars, it is possible to raise awareness of how to deal correctly with sensitive data such as passwords and credit cards. In addition, you should always have a four-eyes, or even better six-eyes, principle for payments and check things with customers if there is any doubt.


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