Protection against digital espionage


Customer and business data is the target of many hackers, but you know how you can protect yourself against them! Hornetsecurity ATP offers a multitude of options for protection against digital espionage.


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With Hornetsecurity Advanced Threat Protection you have the perfect protection against digital espionage.

Which data is at risk of espionage?

Many hackers spy on customer data such as purchasing behavior, bank transactions or travel plans, but also data within your company! They often target construction plans, the status of your development projects or the personal details of your employees, information which is then used for subsequent attacks. The attackers often use personal details for targeted attacks as the insider knowledge makes it harder for employees to detect the fraud.

Six steps to avoid digital espionage

  1. Appoint a security officer who can draw up a risk analysis for damage in the event of an attack on your IT systems and identify the protection needs of individual employees or data.
  2. Create an emergency plan that defines who is authorized to do what and under what circumstances, and who must be informed.
  3. Set up digital signatures and e-mail encryption
    so that the sender of a message can be clearly identified.
  4. Use complex passwords and possibly a reliable password manager to store them securely.
  5. Encrypt your customer and personal data.
  6. Use ATP from Hornetsecurity to enjoy all-round protection against ransomware, blended attacks, targeted attacks and digital

Hornetsecurity ATP protects you with:

Hornetsecurity ATP provides you with effective security using targeted fraud forensics

The engines are used to prevent personalized attacks on employees in a company. E-mails are analyzed for specific patterns of content that point to malicious intent. They include, for example, demands for payment and requests for the release of data.

The following detection mechanisms are used by Hornetsecurity ATP:


Fraud attempt analysis

Checks the authenticity and integrity of metadata and e-mail content.


Identity spooning recognition

Detection and blocking of forged sender identities.


Intention recognition system

Alerts are triggered in response to specific patterns of content that point to malicious intent.


Spy-out detection

Defense against attacks involving spying to obtain sensitive information.


Feign facts identification

Analysis of content independently of identity to identify messages that are intended to prompt the recipient to take certain action by feigning facts.


Targeted attack detectionn

Detection of targeted attacks on specific individuals who are particularly at risk.


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