Protection against blended attacks

Complex methods of attack using various communication channels are becoming more and more common. ATP protects you against so-called blended attacks.

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Hornetsecurity Advanced Threat Protection protects your company against complex attacks by e-mail or a website and against various types of malware.

What are blended attacks?

In blended attacks, various types of malware are used simultaneously. They include, for example, viruses, trojans, spy software, spam and phishing attacks. This “blending” – the mixture of methods of attack – and infiltration at various weak points makes the attacks even more complex. It increases the speed at which your networks are infected and the damage to your company.

Multiple defense mechanisms

In view of the various vectors of attack, the defense mechanisms must employ multiple methods to deal with all eventualities. That’s why Hornetsecurity uses freezing, URL scanning and rewriting and sandboxing to keep danger away from your IT infrastructure.

Hornetsecurity ATP protects you with:


URL rewriting

This method replaces links in e-mails with Hornetsecurity’s own links. Clicking on the link then takes the user to the actual website via the Hornetsecurity web filter. As a result, the user can be certain that no malicious code is being downloaded inadvertently. Moreover, the websites leading from the target site are also protected by URL rewriting.

URL scanning

This mechanism checks the links sent in e-mail file attachments for harmful software and malware. Your company is therefore protected against harmful attachments which a normal virus scanner is unable to analyze.


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