Comprehensive notification in the event of an attack

Hornetsecurity sends you comprehensive reports regarding attacks on your company so that you are always informed and in a position to take appropriate countermeasures promptly, in real time and for every attack!

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With real time and ex post alerts, Hornetsecurity Advanced Threat Protection notifies you fully and in real time.

The advantage of notifications

Many companies which fall victim to a hacker attack only realize that this is the case when it is already far too late and countermeasures will no longer be effective. Hornetsecurity ATP’s notifications ensure that you are always up-to-date, find out about impending danger at an early stage and can raise your employees’ awareness so that hackers no longer have any points of attack.

Notification in the event of an attack

If a virus or an infected link is identified by one of the ATP analysis tools such as the sandbox engine or URL scanning, the system automatically sends an alert. The administrator is also notified of the attempted breach of the IT structures. This alert includes detailed information about the type and extent of the attack.

Hornetsecurity ATP protects you with:

Ex-post alerts

With ex-post alerts, your IT security team receives an automatic notification if an e-mail that has already been delivered is subsequently classified as harmful. You receive a detailed analysis of the attack so that you can take action immediately, such as checking systems or alerting your own employees.

Real time alerts

Hornetsecurity’s real time alerts notify your IT security team of severe attacks against your company in real time. This up-to-date information can be used directly by your company to instigate countermeasures so that you can close your security loopholes quickly and take additional protective measures.


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