On the one hand the Internet makes it very easy to collect relevant information, but at the same time also very hard, considering the abundance of sources. It requires a solid experience and knowledge to correctly analyze and assess the content, if the reader doesn’t want to believe in information that are only semi-correct or incomplete. Because of this, curators are becoming more and more important – they collect, bundle and process content. Thus, curators take care that users can find good content quickly and easily in the World Wide Web.   With dotmagazine, the German Internet industry association eco has launched such a project. It is published in English language and appears monthly as an e-paper or in a newsletter. Also, each magazine has a thematical focus. In its first issue, it tackles several security topics, followed by “Internet governance” and “IT and energy” in the upcoming editions. Authors of the articles are members of the association, but content comes also from the association itself. In all articles, the editorial team is keen on keeping the content neutral and general so that it will provide the reader with a benefit.   The first issue holds eight articles that approach security from different perspectives. One of them gives tipps how companies can protect themselves from cyber attacks and how they can react after their systems have been infected. In another text, the cyber expert Dirk Kunze, a German state criminal police officer, is talking about his daily work routine.   What makes dotmagazine interesting is its format. Not only can the articles be read, but also heard. A good alternative, although the ideal setting would be to let the users download the file to listen to the interviews on their way to work or on a train ride.   If you’re interested in subscribing to dotmagazine, just go to international.eco.de/newsletter.html or read it directly on its website.