• With the new release, customers and partners can be created in the HTML module Service Dashboard.
  • The modules in the Service Dashboard have also been restructured for better handling.
  • The services URL Rewriting and Targeted Fraud Forensics Filter have been integrated into the module Advanced Threat Protection.
  • It will be even easier and faster to get help with the settings of the services: the relevant chapters in the documentation portal can be directly accessed via an info button next to the module in the Control Panel.
  • The Spam Report has been implemented as an HTML module.
  • Furthermore, the permissions for configuring the Spam Report have been expanded: customers can configure settings for individual mailboxes as well as enable the users to configure their own settings.
  • The user rights for the Spam Report can be adjusted in the HTML module Spam and Malware Protection, which improves usability.


  • The warnings in the Control Panel have been improved optically and standardized linguistically.
  • The data entered when creating a mailbox is correctly saved now.
  • The view of Auditing in the mobile version has been corrected.
  • Numerous improvements have been made to the layout and naming.
  • The administrator rights regarding the delivery of emails have been extended so that they overwrite the user rights.
  • The description of the Targeted Fraud Forensics Filter has been corrected. If the Targeted Fraud Forensics Filter was activated manually by the support, the user data will be overwritten as soon as new groups are added.