LPKF: Secure email communication inspires confidence


The micromachining systems produced by LPKF Laser & Electronics AG are among the best in the world – advanced technology that would be of interest to outside parties. This makes secure email communication absolutely vital to LPKF. The company had previously used PGP encryption technology to ensure that valuable knowledge contained in its emails remained protected. However, LPKF had become dissatisfied with this solution due to the complexity and effort of running and maintaining PGP. Since many of its business partners had also begun to use S/MIME encryption technology instead, LPKF decided to make the same change-over.


The Hornetsecurity encryption service supports both S/MIME and PGP standards in addition to TLS encryption. Companies set individual policies to define what type of encryption should be used with which contacts. Certificates are managed automatically, and no further action is needed to ensure that all outgoing emails are encrypted and all incoming emails decrypted. Via “websafe”, Hornetsecurity also facilitates secure communication with recipients who do not use encryption technology themselves.


As LPKF was already using the Hornetsecurity managed spam filter and email archiving services, only minimal effort was required to activate the Hornetsecurity email encryption service. All LPKF had to do was define the encryption policies, and Hornetsecurity took care of importing the necessary certificates. The actual process of activating the encryption service, including certificate generation, was completed in just two days. Then service has been running smoothly since then. “Using the new encryption service has minimised the amount of administration work that the encryption service entails for us,” says Benjamin Busjahn, IT systems & service manager at LPKF. “Our administrators can now concentrate fully on their day-to-day and project work.” With websafe, the company can also establish email encryption with smaller customers and business partners. And email encryption has another point in its favour, as Mr Busjahn explains. “Encryption mechanisms in email communication vastly increase confidence in our business relationships.”

„Using the new encryption service has minimised the amount of administration work that the encryption service entails for us,“

Benjamin Busjahn, IT systems & service manager at LPKF



About LPKF Laser and Electronics AG:
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