Konica Minolta: Spam-free Europe-wide


Four working days a month on average devoted to continuous modification of a locally installed spam filter – and yet employees still have to contend every day with spam emails. Especially when spammers change their methods and those responsible at Konica Minolta have not yet modified their filters, staff inboxes get flooded with spam. The effort and the result are totally out of all proportion. However, a new spam filter solution poses several challenges for an internationally operating company: the multilingualism of the solution, reliable customer service, and a simple and efficient administrative tool.


The managed spam filter service from Hornetsecurity delivers, in addition to a guaranteed spam detection rate of over 99.9 percent, an efficient administration system through the control panel. Users can analyse their incoming and outgoing email traffic and have individual messages redelivered or classified as spam. Administers have the possibility of individually customising the spam filter and other features – in 17 languages. A Hornetsecurity support team is on standby 24/7 to provide support if uncertainties or problems crop up.


The Hornetsecurity spam filter service was implemented without any difficulty. The head of IT at Konica Minolta was delighted by the support from staff: “We were impressed by the speed and skill of the response to to our wishes and expectations”, says Christoph Wagner of Konica Minolta. Even complicated modifications could be quickly and easily implemented. The goal of the company was to reduce the effort and at the very least, not to receive more spam than it did before. The result: since the Hornetsecurity spam filter services were introduced, the nine-member IT team now no longer have almost anything to do with spam, and nor do the almost 3,000 users.

„Our concerned employees have not noticed the change – there was simply no more spam!“

Christoph Wagner, IT manager at Konica Minolta

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Produkt: Managed Spamfilter Service
Company size 36.000 (worldwide)
Website: www.konica-minolta.de