Legally compliant email archiving for HOMANIT


A number of laws and regulations require business emails to be archived. HOMANIT must keep copies of electronic mail for up to ten years or more. At the same time, German data protection laws are relatively stringent compared to those in other countries: certain emails may be archived for a limited period of time only, and others not at all. In-house solutions are complex, high-maintenance and often closely tied to the internal mail system. However, HOMANIT did not want to be tied to its Lotus Notes mail system over the long term. The company took this as an opportunity to consider an external email archiving solution. Key requirements were data security and supplier dependability.


The Hornetsecurity email archiving service ensures that all HOMANIT email traffic is stored in a legally compliant and audit-ready manner – entirely automatically and for ten years or more. Secure data centres and redundant systems guarantee the necessary level of security. The archiving service is set up so that Hornetsecurity stores each email exactly as it reaches and leaves the HOMANIT mail servers, unchanged and unalterable. Using the Hornetsecurity control panel, administrators and users at HOMANIT can access the archive, search for emails, and have these redelivered if necessary. The multilingual Hornetsecurity support team is available to HOMANIT around the clock.


After successfully completing a test phase with a limited number of mailboxes, Hornetsecurity is now archiving all email traffic for HOMANIT sites in Germany. “Legally compliant storage of all our German emails has gone without a hitch ever since the archive service was set up,” says Christoph Bachmann, IT manager at HOMANIT. The pricing model was another significant plus for the company – the 1.2 gigabytes of inclusive storage space per user is pooled so that if one user has free storage space, this is offset against the storage taken up by other users. Christoph Bachmann was also impressed with how practical the archiving service is to use. “Occasional searches for lost or accidentally deleted emails can be carried out quickly and with no delays. The comprehensive filter functions allow emails to be retrieved and redelivered in no time.”

„Legally compliant storage of all our German emails has gone without a hitch ever since the archive service was set up“

Christoph Bachmann, IT manager at HOMANIT


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Product: Email archiving service
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