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Control Panel Manual

This manual is for both users and administrators of the Control Panel. It describes the usage as well as the administrative tasks.

Onboarding Guide

This resource will provide you with a step-by-step description on the different services, transferred data and what to do next.

FAQ Webinar Slides

In case you don’t feel like watching the recording of the FAQ webinar, you can view the slides and search for the information relevant for you.

Recorded Webinars

The Email Laundry Upgrade

This webinar provides you with an overview of the new features you can expect after the upgrade to the Hornetsecurity solution, as well as a first look into the Control Panel.

Your questions answered

We took some time to answer some of your most frequently asked questions, as well as provide you with a roadmap of our releases planned for this year in this webinar.

Technical Onboarding

In this webinar we will provide you with details on how to setup services and new customers within the Control Panel, as well as some initial configurations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I log into the Control Panel?

You can use your previous Email Laundry Portal admin account as the Control Panel user name. For the first login, you will need to reset your password. For a password reset, enter and confirm your email address. One done, you should see the password field. Right below that, you will find the option to reset the password. Our Onboarding Guide can provide you with additional information on how to reset the password.

I cannot reset my password to log into the Control Panel.

If you do not have the reset option, the new Control Panel might not be able to access your LDAP service. Your LDAP settings have been transferred over from the Email Laundry Portal. Please make sure that those are still up-to-date and make sure to add our IP ranges to your data base firewall. Once done, please try again. If you are still experiencing issues logging in, please contact our technical support.

I cannot add to my firewall.

You might encounter an issue adding the /20 subnet to some firewalls. If you run into this issue, you will need to split IP into different /24 subnets, which we have done here for you. Please add the following IPs along with the other two ranges from the onboarding site instead:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Can I leave the Email Laundry MX records at a lower priority when switching?

Yes, and we strongly recommend that you do. If any settings are missing the emails will still be delivered and are not lost. You can remove the Email Laundry MX records once you have confirmed that the emails are being successfully delivered.

How "live" is Email Live Tracking?

The data base will update itself within 30 seconds after being checked by our filter system. So you will be able to check for any new emails almost in realtime. 

Can a user release mails from the quarantine themselves?

Per default, a user can release “Infomail” and “Spam” classified emails out of the spam report. Apart from this, a user can access the Control Panel and release these emails via Email Live Tracking. An Administrator has more options available and can release all quarantined emails out of the Control Panel for all users.

I do not see any administration options when logging into the Control Panel.

To administrate a Domain or Partner account, make sure that you have selected a domain to administer, from the Application Scopes in the top right corner. For additional information, please visit our Control Panel handbook.

How will someone know that an email has been quarantined?

That depends on your individual settings. The system allows the setup of spam report informing them that an email has been quarantined. In the Control Panel you can set how often this information is sent. Every active user setup within the Control Panel can also access Email Live Tracking, allowing them to access their quarantined emails.

Is there a warning before enabling features and/or services which are subject to a fee?

Yes, for every feature that adds an additional service charge, a notification is shown. Other Notifications are shown as well, for example before deleting elements in the Control Panel.

Is it possible to forward a Rejected email?

An email classified as ‘Rejected’ does not reach the filter system. Information about rejected emails are no longer available and cannot be forwarded. You can find more information on the filter categories from the Control Panel handbook.

Why do I need to enter personal details into the "Contact Data" section?

In order to prevent unauthorized change-request, our technical support will only react to requests provided by authorized persons. The people specified in the Service Dashboard section “Contact Data”, are the people authorized to submit support requests.

Can you enable Advanced Threat Protection for a specific recipient?

Advanced Threat Protection is a service enabled for all domains and will therefore apply to all users. Exception to this is the Targeted Fraud Forensic Filter, which allows to be enabled per group or individual mailbox.

Can the Spam Report be customized by a Partner, to show their own support information?

Yes, it can! This is also highly recommended. You can do this by accessing the whitelabeling section. Our Control Panel handbook provides you with a explanation on how to customize available information.

New threats come up daily. Are the services updated to keep up with the increasing threats?

Our Security Lab continuously monitors and updates the filters and services throughout the year. With the Advanced Threat Protection Service, it is even possible to detect zero-day attacks. The information about current threats is transmitted from here to the virus filter. Our filter systems are continuously updated on-the-fly, while our software is enhanced in regular service intervals. We are constantly updating all services.

How can I deliver emails from quarantine?

You can access all quarantined emails via the Email Live Tracking. Apart from this every user may receive a spam report on regular basis, where he or she is able to release spam and Infomails out of quarantine.

For how long will the emails be quarantined?

Hornetsecurity provides you with a 3 months quarantine for all email categories, with the exception of ‘Rejected’, as those are emails declined during the SMTP dialogue and therefore never where accepted by our mail servers.

Can you limit Spam and Malware Protection to only a part of the mailboxes of a domain?

After changing the MX-Records of a domain, Spam and Malware Protection is active for the whole domain. It cannot be deactivated for individual mailboxes. You can find further details on the setup of Spam and Malware Protection from the Onboarding Guide as well as the Control Panel handbook.

What data was migrated from Email Laundry to Hornetsecurity?

We were able to migrate the majority of your data. You can find a full overview of the migrated information from the Onboarding Guide.

Is the delivery of emails delayed by Spam and Malware Protection?

During the daily usage, the individual recipient will not notice any delays for emails not stored in quarantine. There are individual mechanisms designed to prevent delayed security threats, which will affect delivery times. For more information please check our ATP documentation.

Some elements of the Control Panel are blank when I access them.

Make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled from within the browser. Should you still encounter missing content from within the Control Panel, make sure to reset your Adobe Flash settings and feel free to contact our technical support.

What will happen to my current contract/prices?

Your current contract and prices will remain the same. Should you have questions regarding your individual contract, please go ahead and contact our sales department.

What happen to any new data I have entered on the Email Laundry Portal?

We are transferring data from the Email Laundry Portal to the Hornetsecurity Portal in regular intervals, so any new data added will automatically transfer over. The sync for your domain will stop as soon as you either use your admin login from within the Control Panel to save a change, or you have changed your MX records to Hornetsecurity. 

For how long will the data be transferred from the Email Laundry Portal?

As soon as the system registers write changes made by an administrator from within the Hornetsecurity Control Panel, we will discontinue to transfer any new data from the Email Laundry Portal. This is done to prevent oder data to overwrite your new Control Panel information. That means if you update the routing and save the changes, it will prevent any data sync. If you do not need to perform any changes but want to stop the sync, you can perform any other write action, such as creating a mailbox or group.

The transferral will also discontinue as soon as you have switched your MX records to Hornetsecurity.

I see more mailboxes in the Control Panel than I had previously in the Email Laundry Portal

You might encounter an increased amount of user mailboxes from within the Hornetsecurity Contorl Panel, compared to the Email Laundry Portal. The usage of personal Black and White lists within our system requires the user to exist within the system. Therefore it was necessary to create the users.

In order to keep those entries valid, the users will need to remain within the Control Panel as well. Deleting the users would automatically remove the personal Black and White list entries related to that specific user. Should you want to retain any entries for the complete domain, we recommend exporting them from a user level and adding them back on a domain level. You will find information on exporting and importing Black and White list entries from within the Control Panel manual.

Is support available by telephone 24/7 or just email?

Our customer Support is available to you 24/7 by phone as well as per email. You can find the regional contact details of our contact page, as well as opening a ticket.

Will Continuity be enabled if I had it booked with Email Laundry?

Yes, though the service will still require some manual setup in order to catch all emails in case of an outage. Please make sure to check the Onboarding Guide for more details on the required information.

Are there any notification when a user wants to release an email without the necessary priviliges?

The user will receive a notification that they are lacking the needed permissions along with a request to get in touch with their administrator, so they can check the email prior to the release.

Will you transfer the Whitelabel information over to Hornetsecurity Control Panel?

The whitelabelling system is quite different compared to the Email Laundry, therefore a transferral of the information wasn’t possible. The Control Panel offers quite extended customizing options. You will find a steps-by-step instruction on customizing the Control Panel from the manual.

Do you support Azure Active Directory service via LDAP?

Yes, you can use Azure as your directory service via LDAP. There are some alterations related to the synchronized attributes with Azure. You will find a complete overview from our Control Panel manual, along with setup instructions.

How can I change the language of the spam report?

The language of the spam report is linked to the language chosen from within the Control Panel for an individual user. To change that language, the user will need to change their Control Panel language. You will find instructions on how to change the Control Panel language in our manual.

Do you offer a free trial for some or all services?

Yes, all services can be tested for 30 days, free of charge. To beginn a trial, simply enable the service from within the Control Panel. You will receive a pop-up warning you that enabling that service will result in additional charges, which will take effect after 30 days. To end the trial, simply disable the service again. For any questions regarding the trial period, please feel free to contact our sales department.

Will users not stored in the Control Panel still receive emails?

That very much depends on where you perform the user check. During the initial SMTP dialogue, our system will perform a check for the recipient, based on the user check setup from within the Control Panel. If you where to perform the user check from an STMP server, then it would only be necessary for that user to exist there and not within the Control Panel. If the user check is set to LDAP, then the user needs to exist on the Active Directory and so forth. It should be considered though, that spam reports can only be created for existing users stored within the Control Panel. 

Why do I see less Black and White list entries from the Hornetsecurity Control Panel?

Transferred Black and White lists will be divided between user and admin lists. When viewing the complete domain, you will only see the admin lists. To see the user lists, you will first need to switch to the individual user. Please refer to the Control Panel handbook for more details on how to switch between users.

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