Spamina and Hornetsecurity – For more security and new strengths.

Two of Europe’s leading providers of cloud email security have united. The Hornetsecurity Group therefore guarantees the secure email communication of your company with more than 200 specialists. Through this strategic milestone, you will benefit from competent, worldwide support, bundled development resources and highly efficient technologies.

“Spain is currently regarded as one of the fastest growing and most sustainable economies in Europe. As a European company, we have focused our strategy on opening up Spanish-speaking markets and are now the market leader in Spain and several Latin American countries, which are areas with great growth potential.
It is my responsibility to ensure the development of our services and the growth of our team. We can best meet this great challenge together with our new German partners.”

Enrico Raggini

President & CEO, Spamina

“We look forward to a successful collaboration and welcome the Spamina team to the Hornetsecurity Group: By bundling our strengths, we will ensure that the cloud market becomes even safer in the future through the know-how and expertise of each individual employee.”

Daniel Blank

CEO, Hornetsecurity

“We will significantly expand the existing data centers in Spain in order to position ourselves for the future and take advantage of the high growth prospects. The bundling of our development resources will enable us to continue to expand existing solutions and offer additional cloud security solutions to our customers.”

Daniel Hofmann

CEO, Hornetsecurity

“As Europeans, we have made a collaborative decision for strong data protection laws and the highest quality standards that we can only meet together.
Due to our recent partnership with Swisscom in Switzerland, we are now the market leader in the German-speaking area. In the beginning of 2018 we took over the spam filter division of Avira Netherlands. With Spamina, we are further expanding our claim to European market leadership.”

Oliver Dehning

CEO, Hornetsecurity

Welcome to the
Hornetsecurity Group –
Your Cloud Security Specialist.

Together we provide secure cloud security services worldwide.

What does the merger mean for you as a Spamina customer/business partner?

For you, everything stays the same. You can use your proven Spamina products as usual. In addition, the Hornetsecurity services will also be available to you through the Spanish data centers. Our ambition is to combine the best components of Spamina and Hornetsecurity services to provide even more security and comfort.

1.2 billion processed emails per month

Experience secure email communication on a new level.

The product portfolio of the Hornetsecurity Group provides services for the entire security of email traffic for companies of all sizes, including multi-level spam and virus filters, fully automatic email encryption, the email archiving service Aeternum and the stand-by system Email Continuity, in order to maintain email communication and thus productivity of the company in case of an emergency. Stand up to the sophisticated cybercrime: Especially sophisticated and targeted attacks such as Ransomware and CEO-Fraud have no chance with Advanced Threat Protection. Thanks to the Hornetsecurity Spy-Out forensic system, sensitive information remains in the company.

With more than 10 years of experience in the cloud security market, Hornetsecurity protects the IT infrastructure, digital communications and data of companies and organizations of all sizes. The product portfolio includes highly professional services in the areas of mail security, web security and file security. On the market since 2007, the cloud security expert is now market leader in the german-speaking area and became the European market leader through its merger with Spamina at the beginning of 2019. With offices in the USA, Benelux, Spain, Colombia and Argentina, more than 200 employees worldwide and over 40,000 international corporate customers, Hornetsecurity is one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Germany for the fourth time. In accordance with its principles “Individually we are strong, as a team we are successful”, Hornetsecurity relies on the strong competencies of its employees and commitments to the highest quality of its innovative services.


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