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We use the term “cookies” to refer to corresponding or similar technologies that are used by the European data protection directive with regard to electronic exchange.



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Managing Directors (Geschäftsführer): Oliver Dehning, Daniel Hofmann, Daniel Blank
Commercial register: Local Court Hannover, Germany, HRB 201937
VAT ID: DE256599255

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Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): Olaf Petry
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What is a cookie?

Cookies are files that are stored locally on your computer, on mobile or other devices via your Internet browser. Cookies store your user behaviour on websites for future website visits.

The majority of Internet browsers allow cookies to be set. However, users can individually set which cookies are to be deactivated. Furthermore, visitors of a website have the possibility to delete cookies at any time.

Why the use of cookies?

We would like to learn more about your preferences and offer you targeted content through cookies. We also want to improve the user behaviour of our website visitors. For example, we may remember language settings whenever you will visit our website in the future. Cookies also enable us to offer you certain multimedia content. This includes content like videos on our website.  For example, through this analysis we can offer you the following targeted content: Personalised advertising, individual product information.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use cookies from first and third parties on our website.

Initial provider cookies are cookies that are issued directly by These are cookies for the improvement of the website as well as for the determination of language and location.

Third-party cookies are cookies from other providers, such as business partners or other service providers. Cookies are useful, for example, if it concerns the handling of application processes. This applies in particular to forms.

We also use session cookies. These are temporary cookies. They are used of track the duration of your website visit. They are active until a user closes the Internet browser.

Finally, permanent cookies are used. This type of cookie is also active when you close and reopen your browser. This applies to browsers from both desktops and mobile devices. These cookies enable us to analyze user behavior in detail and determine patterns. This way we can show you targeted advertising and improve functionality.

How to refuse and delete cookies?

You have a choice. You can refuse all or just individual cookies. Please use the following cookie settings. You can also use the settings in your Internet browser to change cookies from first and third party providers. The majority of Internet browsers automatically accept cookies. If you refuse the use of cookies, you should actively delete them. By rejecting cookies you can continue to use our website at any time. However, you may have limited access to individual functions. Further information can be found under the following link: By continuing to use our website, you agree that cookies will be set unless you have deleted or blocked the cookies.



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CloudflareCloudFlare is used as CDN, the so-called "Content Delivery Network", to secure the website and to implement optimization measures. Inevitably, all requests are forwarded by CloudFlare servers. The same applies to the consolidation of statistics. The collected data will be deleted within a period of four hours or after a maximum period of three days.

The service provider is based in the USA. Corresponding content data is processed worldwide on the servers of CloudFlare. The same applies to security tools and the monitoring of traffic via CloudFlare Inc. usage data of visitors to this website are processed accordingly on the servers of CloudFlare.
Google AnalyticsWe use the Google Analytics service to understand how our campaigns work and how you, as a user, interact with our website. This enables us to continuously improve usability for our visitors.
Google-Tracking-CookiesGoogle's tracking cookies allow us to track the extent to which they perform certain actions on our online presence immediately after you have seen one of our ads on Google and confirmed it with a click. Google uses these cookies to analyze what content you have viewed on our website in order to display personalized ads to other Google partners.
FacebookFacebook helps you connect to your network via the website or app. You will be able to share content directly on Facebook. Furthermore, at irregular intervals we place targeted ads on Facebook, which are based on the website-based user data.
LinkedInLinkedIn's Insight tag allows us to analyze campaigns and collect information about website visitors who have reached us through linked campaigns.
PardotPardot enables us to interpret the user behaviour on our websites through the use of cookies. Cookies are used to provide individual user preferences (e.g. form entries) for subsequent visits.
TwitterThe social network Twitter provides worldwide real-time updates on current topics and events as well as ideas and views of Twitter accounts and hashtags you follow. We enable you to share Twitter content. In addition, we may place targeted ads on Twitter at irregular intervals based on the website-based user data.
YoutubeYouTube videos and links to videos on YouTube are embedded on our website. For this reason, it is possible that when you visit individual sub-pages of our website, YouTube will display embedded content and forward you to corresponding YouTube cookies.