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Email-Archiving for Enterprise

The optimal business solution for archiving emails. After a quick, one-time setup process your emails are automatically and legally archived.

  • Legally compliant

  • Fully automatic

  • Audit-proof

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Your exclusive benefits of cloud-based email archiving

Fully automated storage

Your incoming emails are automatically transferred to the archive. If desired, may also archive internal emails. Hornetsecurity’s Aeternum will only store clean emails, spam & info emails do not end up in the email archive.


Individual archiving period

There are various regulations in regard to the duration of archived emails. You can individually determine the duration of archiving for certain persons or employee groups. In addition, you can entirely exclude certain users (e.g. works councils) from archiving.

Audit-proof archiving

In some cases it’s necessary to check emails from the archive. To guarantee full data protection, a dual control principle is applied. The administrator can grant an auditor permission to view and after completion, the auditor receives a log file on the activities of the auditor.

Email security explained in 2 minutes


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