Bridging the gap with helpful friends

Bridging the gap with helpful friends

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s second-biggest city, has many different nicknames. One of them is „The City of Bridges“. Bridges are some of the most important buildings mankind has ever invented. They facilitate traveling, they help overcoming obstacles and differences, and they accelerate moving from A to B. For Hornetsecurity, Pennsylvania could be regarded as the other side of the bridge spanning from Germany to the U.S. Just a few weeks ago, we founded our new subsidiary, Hornetsecurity Inc., in the “City of Bridges”.


Being new in town on the other hand means that it is important to make acquaintances and establish a functioning network. Because of this, we have joined two principal local organizations, the “German Chamber of Commerce” (GACCPIT) and the “Pittsburgh Technology Council” (PTC). Both are vital in connecting to other companies, decision makers and thus building a strong network. Let’s have a look at the two organizations whose member Hornetsecurity now is.


German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC)


The GACC with its local chapter in Pittsburgh promotes and supports bilateral trade between Germany and the U.S.  The private, non-profit organization has founded its Pittsburgh branch in 2015 and connects its members with the regional business community. It represents German-speaking companies, offers a job initiative and organizes networking events.



Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC)


With more than 1,300 members, the PTC is one of the key drivers of the tech sector in Pennsylvania, ranging from IT to life sciences and application developers. It provides its members with a platform of business development, talent retention, government relations and visibility services. In many events, members can exchange more than just business cards. They can share ideas, exchange opinions and forge a bright future for the Pittsburgh region.


As a newcomer to Western Pennsylvania, Hornetsecurity is not only eager to grow its business, we want to bring in our ideas to the region and to these two organizations to help the city and its economy to grow as quickly as possible. And hopefully, with Pittsburgh as our next base, we will be able to build many new bridges. To new customers, partners, organizations in the U.S.


US expansion: Hornetsecurity pursues growth strategy

US expansion: Hornetsecurity pursues growth strategy

German-based cloud security provider opens U.S. Headquarters in Pittsburgh


Repeatedly voted amongst the 50 fastest growing German technology companies, Hornetsecurity is the rising star in Germany’s cyber security industry. An established player in the business email security market for many years, growth figures have skyrocketed since the introduction of Hornetsecurity’s Advanced Threat Protection offering in fall last year. Already more than a thousand satisfied U.S. customers contribute to Hornetsecurity’s growth and benefit from its services. Now Hornetsecurity has opened its first U.S. office providing local sales and support to American customers and resellers.


Based on its excelling German technology, Hornetsecurity serves more than 30,000 business customers around the world. The North American market plays a key role in the company’s plans for the coming years. “The United States is by far the largest IT market in the world”, says Hornetsecurity CEO Oliver Dehning. “Despite being a highly competitive market, the successes we have achieved in the U.S. so far clearly demonstrate a demand for the type of high quality cyber security services Hornetsecurity provides”.


Pittsburgh as the ideal location for the office


Hornetsecurity has chosen Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the nucleus for its U.S. activities. “People keep asking me ‘Why Pittsburgh’, and to be honest, the city wasn’t top of our list at first”, Oliver Dehning explains. “But what struck us were the people of Pittsburgh. We were impressed with the hard working and well educated workforce, which is essential to continuing and evolving the high-quality standards of the solutions and the services we offer.” Also, Pittsburgh has recently become an IT industry hot spot in the United States attracting industry leaders including Google, Facebook and other major IT players.


Hornetsecurity is receiving valuable support by the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the German-American Chambers of Commerce in setting up its new office. The company also gained extensive support by New York based German Accelerator Tech in developing its US go‑to‑market strategy.


Outstanding mail security solutions for perfect protection


With its mail and web security solutions, Hornetsecurity offers companies reliable, easy-to-use, high-performance protection of their Internet communication channels. Its Managed Spamfilter Service provides outstanding quality with the highest filter rates and an extraordinary feature set that raises itself above any other anti-spam solutions on the market. Hornetsecurity’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service was developed in reaction to the rise of sophisticated cyber-attacks such as ransomware, CEO fraud or spearphishing. With Hornetsecurity ATP, a series of recognition engines reliably detect and eliminate those attacking attempts. To gain traction on the US market, Hornetsecurity is hiring for marketing, sales and technical support positions. First employees are already on board.

Hornetsecurity receives millions for global growth plans

Hornetsecurity receives millions for global growth plans

Since Hornetsecurity was founded, its sales have gone in only one direction – up. The company is looking to quadruple by 2021.


With an enormous annual growth rate of more than 50%, cloud security provider Hornetsecurity is the market leader in Europe and is now getting ready to enter the U.S. market. The company is the front runner not just in growth figures, but in technology too: Released less than one year ago, the latest product, Advanced Threat Protection, now protects one in every ten users against new threats. These successes have not gone unnoticed.


New investor climbs onboard


“In just one year, the company has developed a new product and successfully established it on the market,” states Hans-Christian Semmler, CEO of HCS Beteiligungsgesellschaft, a holding firm that has invested millions in the company. “Seldom have our analysts seen such fine-tuned workflows, processes and advanced technology,” he continues. Existing investors Verdane Capital and High-Tech Gründerfonds also back the company with sums in the seven-digit range. With these investments, Hornetsecurity will extend its global reach.


“The InvestImpuls funds have achieved their goals, establishing a strong security provider on the market that gives generous returns,” explains Dr. Bert Brinkhaus from EnjoyVenture, fund manager for the Hanover-based fund. As an early-stage investor, the company will now pull out, taking the capital it has generated to help another young technology company get off the ground.


Hornetsecurity already enjoys international success


Over 20 percent of new orders already stem from countries outside the German-speaking region, and the company is now looking to tap the US market to boost this figure significantly.


To prepare for this coming growth, Hornetsecurity has already doubled its staff within one year. “We are well prepared,” says Daniel Hofmann, Managing Director of Hornetsecurity. The aim is to increase the technological lead over the competition. “With this additional staff we want to speed up the development of our current 14 technology projects,” explains Hofmann.

A decade of skyrocketing hornets

A decade of skyrocketing hornets

Hornetsecurity is celebrating! Founded under the name antispameurope ten years ago, the company has been considered as the absolute expert and pioneer in the area of cloud security for many years. Since 2007, Hornetsecurity has genuinely set a record for vertical ascent: The company has now expanded to more than 100 employees and secures data traffic for more than 35,000 companies in over 30 countries worldwide, including numerous renowned names like Dekra, Melitta or Konica Minolta.


It’s a success story made in Hannover, Germany: When Daniel Hofmann and Oliver Dehning founded the company in the summer of 2007, they gave the starting signal for a company that today plays a major role in the German IT security landscape. With a wide range of products in the area of email and web security, Hornetsecurity provides its customers with comprehensive security. The high quality of the solutions combined with an excellent service concept practiced by all employees has meant that the company has been able to enjoy two-digit growth figures for years.


This success should increase even more over the coming years. To this end, Hornetsecurity is steadily investing in new products and markets. But first comes the celebration: Hornetsecurity has invited sales partners, investors and company friends to join them over a period of two days. Visitors will have the opportunity to tour the offices at an open house before a celebration of the company anniversary in the evening, together with employees. Hornetsecurity will hold the Partnerdialog on the following day, an sales partner event which once again promises to have a record numbers of participants. Since the company was founded, the annual event has served as a springboard for intensive information exchange with the sales partners.


“We are very proud of what we have built up over the past ten years,” says Daniel Hofmann, one of the founders and managing directors of Hornetsecurity. “But this still doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels. On the contrary: We also want to develop Hornetsecurity into one of the most important security providers on the international IT market.”


Administrate email signatures via Active Directory

Administrate email signatures via Active Directory

Keep individual data automatically up-to-date with Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer from Hornetsecurity


Hannover, Germany, August 2, 2017 – Signature, boilerplate, disclaimer – the end of a text in emails has different names. But no matter what you call these text-snippets: they consist of static components like general company data and dynamic components, such as the contact details of the sender. Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer from Hornetsecurity now offers a simple and centralized administration of both static and dynamic content across the whole company. For this, the solution directly accesses data from a company’s Active Directory in order to use the most up-to-date personal data at all times. This greatly facilitates the work of IT administrators while also ensuring a consistent appearance in the email signature for enterprises.


Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer

The web interface allows fast, uncomplicated creation of signatures and disclaimers (click to enlarge).

Corporations generally have to provide mandatory information within their business letters – this also applies to emails. In order to ensure this, it is recommended to automatically attach them to every sent message. With Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer, IT administrators of a company can easily create text modules via a web-based interface and adapt them quickly at any time. The product directly accesses the data of the Active Directory so it can automatically integrate individual contact information into the text data. This is done by inserting AD attributes into the signature templates and through a synchronization via LDAP. Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer subsequently attaches the text automatically to any email that you send.


This eliminates the need for administrators to manually maintain individual signatures. Changes to extension numbers, job positions, or email addresses in the Active Directory immediately are automatically implemented in the email boilerplate. Apart from individual signatures, it is also possible to create group-based signatures in order to insert, for example, general department information.


At the same time, the solution offers companies an elegant opportunity to achieve a uniform corporate design in the ​​signature and disclaimer area. Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer is also used for marketing and sales purposes: announcements for new products or updates, an upcoming road show or a notice about the company newsletter can be easily attached to emails. HTML-based formats, images or banners can also be used.


“Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer is another valuable addition to our email security services,” said Oliver Dehning, CEO of Hornetsecurity. “IT administrators will need significantly less effort to maintain obligatory and mandatory email attachments, which allows them to focus more on their core tasks.”

WannaCry: No harm for Hornetsecurity customers

WannaCry: No harm for Hornetsecurity customers

Hornetsecurity ATP deflects global ransomware attack from the first malicious email


WannaCry has caused severe damage in more than 150 countries: The woldwide attacks, in which for example the British National Health Service, the car manufacturer Renault and some systems of Germany’s railway company Deutsche Bahn have fallen victim, took advantage of several weaknesses at once. However, Hornetsecurity Advanced Threat Protection was able to detect and prevent the dangerous ransomware attack from the first email onward.


This window appeared on thousands of computer screens last weekend

This window appeared on thousands of computer screens last weekend

WannaCry is a ransom software that is distributed via email. Activated on a local device, the malware starts encrypting the stored data. After that, the user is being asked to pay a certain ransom in order to receive the decryption key, a procedure which security experts advise not to do. WannaCry uses an exploit, that initially has been developed by the NSA and made public by a hacker group called “Shadow Brokers”.


The success of WannaCry comes from the fact that it uses a weakness in Microsoft’s „Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol“. Through this, it spreads quickly and infects other systems, which lead to the high worldwide distribution rate. WannaCry is exploiting the old Windows XP operating system, as this is still in use but Microsoft stopped providing security updates for. With the emergence of WannaCry, the company quickly changed that and distributed a patch.


Hornetsecurity Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) detected the zero-day ransomware from its first appearance by using a dynamic pattern analysis in its sandbox and put the malware into quarantine. Additional analyses revealed that WannaCry installs a DOUBLEPULSAR Backdoor variant which then plants malicious code onto the local device. After that, the program encrypts various files and adds the file ending .wncry to them, for example finance.xlsx into finance.xlsx.wncry. This renders the files useless. At the same time the infected hosts become part of a botnet, which is being commanded by a TOR network.


Hornetsecurity recommends the following procedures to protect yourself from an infection. Companies and private users still using Windows XP should immediately use the patch provided by Microsoft and update their system. Even more effective is the installation of a more recent operating system with active security updates (at least MS17-010). Also, companies should adapt their firewalls so that incoming SMB traffic on port 445 as well as outgoing TOR traffic will be blocked. Additionally, the security specialists from Hornetsecurity recommend to thoroughly check emails containing invoices or other attachments (office, script or executable files) and to scan them using a virus check. With the URL rewriting and URL scanning engines Hornetsecurity ATP offers a service for in-depth URL analysis in emails – for an all-around protection from new dangers.